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6) Do any of you have windows near or within the actual door? Did you know that thieves can easily get into your home this way. How? If they can access the window and get in, than they can easily unlatch the deadbolt. Once this is done, then you are screwed.

Make sure your windows have some sort of double cylinder deadbolts within the structure. Make sure these bolts also work. If they don’t, than this is going to defeat the purpose. If your window is protected this way, there should be no way for the person to get inside.

7)How many of you have a working alarm? You might want to get one, if you haven’t already. Get in the habit of using it. Set it when you come home. Set it when you go out. Just because you are home, doesn’t mean that someone can’t get in.

Many residents assume that thieves will only target you when you are out and about. This is simple not true. More studies are showing that thieves can also break in when you are home. This is why I say you need to set the alarm as soon as you walk in the door. You have to protect yourself at all times.

8)When you make duplicate keys, only make them for the right people. In other words, do not give them out as party favors. Only give out a key to those who actually live there. Never trust a neighbor with your property. I don’t care how good of friends you are with the person. Everyone has their own agenda. Even the most trusted of neighbors can turn on you. Keep your keys within the family. If it’s just you, this you should be enough.


cutting key9)If you come across someone in the family who has “lost their keys”, you need to change the lock. Don’t just assume that you will still be protected. Anyone can find a lost key and get in. Change the locks right away. Get rid of the original keys and transfer everything over. This also goes for the “master key”. Not even the master key is safe in situations like this. It’s like your social. Once someone else has it, your are done.

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