Adventure in St. Maarten

Whether you what to stay on land or in, on, around or under the water St Maarten has enough adventure activities to keep the most adrenaline crazed visitor happy. From scuba diving to nature watching there is something for everyone on St. Maarten. Make sure you have the necessary transportation so you’re able to get the most out of your vacation. Best way to do so is with car rental st maarten.


Aside from laying on the beach and soaking up the Caribbean sun (remember to use a 16540402783_8bb77099cb_kstrong sunscreen) you can participate in a ton of different water sports. If your a surfer there are several spots where you can catch a wave, but be careful some of the breaks are for experienced surfers only. Petites Cayes Beach is a good spot that is seldom visited.

Windsurfing is enjoying an uptick in its popularity and St Maarten offers year round fun. This sport combines the techniques of sailing using the wind to push you across the water and surfing. The east side of the island has gentle trade winds that make it easy for beginners to learn this exhilarating sport. Kitesurfing has also come to St. Maarten and several resorts offer lessons is this high-flying sport.

St. Maarten is surrounded by small islets and mangroves which make it a great place for stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. Some of the southern Atlantic exposed coast has strong currents and high surf which make it unsuitable for inexperienced paddlers, but other parts of the island offer rare glimpses at the wildlife and birds of this tropical paradise. For those wanting to try a different type pf paddling, Hawai’ian style outrigger canoes are available as some of the resorts and outfitters. These boats are designed to take the higher surf and are an exciting adventure to add to your memory book.

Underwater the reefs surrounding the island offer both the beginner and advanced scuba 8633981153_2a174ca458_kdiver the opportunity to see an almost untouched reef. St. Maarten’s low key status has allowed it to avoid the hordes of divers that other Caribbean islands attract. As a result, the reefs here are in excellent shape. All the colors imaginable are found in the fish, and larger predators, including reef and sharp-nosed sharks can be frequently seen. There are a dozen or so dive operators on the island offering everything from resort courses through more advanced skill and specialty diving opportunities.

Fishing is another popular water sport. Offshore boats will take you out to the main fishing grounds where you can catch some of the world’s biggest blue marlins, tuna, mahi-mahi and other sport fish that will be the envy of your friends back home.