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The Republic of the Fiji Islands are an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies approximately 2000 km north of New Zealand's North Island. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands with 110 being permanently inhabited. The 2 main islands within Fiji are Vanua Levu, and Viti Levu and account for nearly 90% of the 850,000 persons that live in this island nation. Viti Levu is home to the capital & largest city in Fiji called Suva.

For those persons that are desiring to purchase one of the Fiji homes for sale that are currently available, this is a great time to buy your new dream home. It is important to note that the Fiji real estate market can be challenging, and as such, its good to have a professional real estate agent representing your interests. Experience matters - and our team of real estate professionals are veterans in the industry.

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Only approximately 9% of Fiji real estate is available by freehold purchase. Fiji has also grown in popularity with the tourist industry and should continue to grow in popularity, so it is important to identify what type of property you are wanting for your needs: seclusion, investment, etc. For those persons desiring to cash in on the tourist industry, your best bet is going to be on Viti Levu or Vanua Levu - both of those are the commercial powerhouses for Fiji. For those desiring seclusion, one of the outlying islands would be a good choice.

There are 2 main types of acquisition: freehold, and leasehold. Each type has different conditions and regulations so it is important that you have a realtor that is able to protect your interests to determine which choice is best for you.

Also, since Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, it is important that your "dream" property doesn't turn out to be a wave battered atoll (or worse). You need a good local representative that can provide insight on where the more desirable property locations are likely to be.

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